What Is an IT Audit?

46% of online workers feel that they're more productive because of the internet.

It's no secret that technology makes businesses more productive and efficient. But when it's not used correctly or it's outdated, your technology could actually be hindering your business.

An IT audit can reveal those kinks and help you get back on track. If this isn't something you've heard of, it's probably something you need to look into immediately.

Keep reading to learn more about what an IT audit is, how it's performed, and what the benefits are.

What Is an IT Audit?

An IT audit involves thoroughly evaluating all of the technology your business uses. That includes hardware and software as well as operations, policies, and procedures.

The intention of the IT audit is to improve your business. It does this by improving practices around technology use and helping you figure out if you need to invest in some areas more wisely.

How to Have Your ID Audited

An IT audit typically isn't an in-house job. In most cases, CEOs, COOs, or CFOs request an IT audit. 

IT auditors are professionals trained to analyze and assess technology and IT infrastructure in a methodical way. The auditors will go through IT audit procedures and then provide a report. The report shows what the auditors found but they will also make recommendations for how to improve.

Why Are IT Audits Important?

An IT audit will tell you how reliable your technology is. When your business relies on technology to get the job done, you need hardware and software that is up to date in order to remain efficient and effective. 


IT audit procedures will determine whether or not you need to reassess policies and procedures around your tech. Not only should your hardware and software be up to date, but the way your team uses them must be aligned properly. An IT audit can tell you whether or not you're getting the best use of your technology.

Considering that ransomware attacks were up 800% during the COVID-19 pandemic, security is a more important part of your IT infrastructure than ever. Cyber attacks can lead to leaked data that not only ruin your reputation but also your ability to operate. With an IT audit, you can discover any weaknesses in your security and ensure that you're storing your data in the best way possible.

Another important benefit of IT auditing is compliance. If you work in an industry that has laws surrounding IT, your IT audit will reveal whether or not you're compliant. This could save you thousands of dollars in potential fines.

Managed IT for Better IT

An IT audit evaluates your technology infrastructure, including hardware, software, policies, and procedures. It's one way to ensure that you're getting the most of your technology and that you're secure and compliant.

Another way to ensure your IT is the best fit for your company is to hire managed IT services. Talk to us to find out more.

Our technological expertise and extensive experience allow us to work with virtually any system, enabling you to meet your specific goals and objectives–no matter how complex they may be. We pride ourselves on offering sophisticated solutions that other, smaller IT firms simply cannot offer, outfitting your company with a reliable support system as your needs expand and evolve. Alura Business Solutions provide services including but not limited to: Carrier Solutions, Bandwidth Solutions, Phone Solutions, Wiring Solutions, Client Access IT Solutions 

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