4 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats to Avoid

Are you looking to protect yourself online?

Cybersecurity threats increased because of the recent health situation, which caused companies to operate using home-based arrangements. It changed how people work and provided a footing for cyber criminals to exploit this lack of security.

With this in mind, you must prepare for every possible situation to protect yourself from these emerging security threats. Today, we look at some of these emerging threats.

 Read on and learn how to avoid the following new cybersecurity threats.

1. Ransomware Attacks

One of the more devastating current cybersecurity threats targets remote workers through ransomware. This type of malware infects computers. It takes the files and encrypts them. 

After that, it posts a message that you must pay a sizeable sum of money to the hacker. Upon doing so, the hacker releases the files and returns them. Otherwise, the owner risks losing them for good.

Ransomware attacks cost businesses an average of $4.44 million. One of the countermeasures companies have is in using Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNAs). 

Right now, the closest ones available are VPNs. These protective systems now reach their limits that companies might phase them out. It could happen in the upcoming years.

2. DDoS Attacks

Other cybersecurity threats to watch out for include Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A DDoS attack can bring websites down due to the sudden influx of server traffic. It results in an overload. 

With a website down, it can bring a lot of problems. Among these include smearing brand reputation and revenue loss.

The best way to counter DDoS attacks is to track your website traffic. Analyzing DDoS risks helps with planning and developing mitigation strategies. 

3. Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks use both deception and misdirection. It can come in the form of a digital message that would entice and fool people into clicking a link. It results in malware loading into the system that steals information or loads malicious content.

One way to keep yourself secure is through multi-factor authentication. A Managed IT Business can help cover these areas. They do a better job because of their expertise in IT Security and Cybersecurity.

4. Fileless Attacks

As a more covert way for malware and ransomware to operate, they attack computers through a fileless approach. They bypass detection and infiltrate key systems. It manages to do so through a “live off the land” setup, using approved tools within corporate networks.

To counteract this attack, you must be vigilant. You need cybersecurity house cleaning, sweeping through the whole system to detect and stop this attack.

Stop Cybersecurity Threats Today

To avoid cybersecurity threats, pay attention to the various angles in their attacks. They can operate from the outside through intrusions, or from within through social engineering.

Be vigilant and practice cybersecurity awareness. Another way to bolster protection against cybersecurity threats is through a capable IT service. Invest in a company that specializes in security.

We have the right skill set and equipment you need to ensure your cybersecurity. Contact us today and let us assist you.

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