Cyber Questions: What Are the 5 C’s of Cyber Security?

Does your company work with sensitive digital information? Did you know that Americans are becoming increasingly wary of their personal information being stolen?

It's true. With so many cyber threats cropping up every day, you need to secure a solid cybersecurity framework to make sure your clients' information is always in safe hands.

To do so, you need to implement the 5 C's of cyber security. But what are these 5 C's? Why are they so important?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the 5 C's of cyber security.


When it comes to cyber security, the landscape is always changing. Whether it's new threats, guidelines, technological innovations, or your competition getting an edge, you need to be aware of what's going on around you.

A cybersecurity framework needs to be implemented so that it's adaptable and flexible. Being able to adjust to new demands should be supplemented by a keen eye on the latest cybersecurity news to stay up to date. 


It's no secret that there are dozens of laws that you have to comply with when it comes to protecting private or client information. Compliance in cybersecurity isn't just about knowing these laws, however.

Instead, this C emphasizes measuring and reporting how well you're complying with the latest regulations. Allowing your organizations to comply with changing regulations is crucial when it comes to compliance.


Understanding what your cybersecurity network can offer and how much it will cost is the centerpiece of this C. You want to get high value from your cybersecurity framework for how much you're paying. 

What resources do you need to maintain a strong cybersecurity network? Cost focuses on being as efficient as possible and avoiding using any assets that you don't need.


Implementing a cybersecurity network isn't as effective if you aren't able to access its features from different locations. Continuity is all about making sure the same level of security is visible across the entire organization.

Does your cybersecurity system provide emergency recovery systems across your organization? This level of continuity is crucial if you want to get the most out of your cybersecurity suite.


Like we mentioned in the last C, geography is a big part of the 5 C's of cybersecurity. Making sure you have the right coverage in different locations is crucial if you want to guard your organization's information properly.

This is especially important if your organization is dispersed around the country or even across the globe. You must make sure everyone has the same level of access as well as the knowledge to use the network.

The 5 C's: Finding the Proper Cyber Security Solutions

Implementing the right cyber security infrastructure comes first with knowing the 5 C's of cybersecurity. Use this guide to help you understand what they are and how you can choose the right solution based on the 5 C's.

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