6 Common Problems Seen By Tech Support

Monday, March 7, 2022

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute.

This number proves the significant risk businesses take when their technology is not working properly.

But you can avoid this problem. Businesses can rely on their tech support team to help mitigate these risks by resolving tech issues as quickly as possible.

But first, it is important to be aware of the most common tech problems seen by tech support. Here are nine examples that need tech support in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

1. Computer Running Slowly

Dealing with a slow-running computer can be extremely frustrating. There are a few common reasons why your computer may be running slowly.

One of the most common IT problems is that the computer is overloaded with programs and files that it can't handle. This can be due to too many applications being open at once or because the hard drive is full.

Another possibility is that there is malware on the computer. This can include viruses, spyware, or adware.

2. Printer Not Printing

If your printer isn't printing, there are a few possible causes. One is that the printer is out of ink or toner. Another possibility is that there is a problem with the printer driver. This can be caused by corrupted files, outdated drivers, or conflicts with other software.

Another common issue is that the printer is not turned on or connected to the computer.

3. Wi-Fi Not Working

Most businesses rely on a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection to keep operations running smoothly. When your Wi-Fi stops working, it can cause major disruptions in the office. Some of the most common reasons for a Wi-Fi outage are:

  • Router is not placed in an optimal location
  • Too many devices are using the network at once
  • Damaged cables or connectors
  • Network card is not functioning properly

The best way to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi outage is to call tech support. They will help you identify the cause of the problem and fix it quickly.

4. Computer Keeps Shutting Down

If your computer keeps shutting down, there may be a problem with the power supply or the cooling system. The power supply may not be providing enough power to the computer, or the fan may not be working properly and causing the system to overheat.

Another possibility is a software issue causing the system to crash. This can be caused by corrupted files or a conflict with another program.

5. Blue Screen Of Death

The "blue screen of death" is one of the most dreaded problems for computer users. This occurs when the system crashes, and a blue screen appears with an error message.

There are a few common causes for this problem. One is a hardware issue, such as a bad hard drive or damaged RAM. Another possibility is a software issue, such as a virus or corrupted file.

6. Important Files Deleted

This is a common nightmare for computer users. If you accidentally delete an important file, it can feel like the end of the world. However, IT support can often help you retrieve deleted files.

Experts have access to tools that can scan the hard drive for deleted files and restore them.

Get Tech Support In Plymouth Meeting, PA

Are you wondering when to call tech support in Plymouth Meeting, PA? If you are experiencing any of the common tech support issues listed in this post, it is time to pick up the phone and call. Tech support can help you quickly and easily solve these problems.

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