Alura provides a suite of tools to make managing your IT quicker, simpler, and more secure. We create a custom solution for your business using a mix of services that best fit your IT needs.


Keep your business IT environment secure. With NetAlert, you gain direct management of your network and cloud services. Alura created NetAlert to proactively detect threats and problems before they affect your IT.

NetAlert will securely monitor your network and devices. NetAlert’s core features include security auditing, cloud monitoring, policy management, software deployment, and endpoint security to protect against threats to your network.

NetAlert offers 24/7 core monitoring and management of all your IT assets including systems, software, devices, and virtual resources. You will have access to monthly or quarterly reports that identify, diagnose, and resolve issues on your network so you can focus on your business goals.

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NetAlert provides intensive monitoring and support for all of your business network connected devices. Contact Alura Business Solutions for more information about how NetAlert solutions can help protect your business.


Businesses of all sizes benefit from MXShield protection of premise or cloud-based emails, contact information, and account information. This always-on email system includes cached email services, archiving, and secure encryption for optimized security and business continuity.

Protect your business against data loss and maintain your email system, even when your server is down. MXShield is a reliable and secure web defense technology designed to protect all of your email network data.

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Contact Alura Business Solutions for more information about how MXShield solutions can help protect your business.


Enterprise threat management solutions protect your internal network from ransomware attempts to encrypt your company data. In addition, Umbrella monitors your network for malware, botnets, phishing and cyberattacks with predictive protection and threat detection that blacklist, quarantine, and eliminate security risks. Alura can also help you create custom policies for monitoring your entire enterprise, including blocking certain websites, tracking internet traffic in and out of your organization, and up-to-date alerts specific to your business.

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Contact Alura for more information about how Cisco Umbrella can help protect your business.


Alura created the Arcus platform to bring reliable disaster protection and recovery to your enterprise. All of your data will be backed up at up to 30 minute intervals, stored on a local backup disaster recovery (BDR) device to minimize downtime and expedite recovery, and replicated to the cloud for off site redundancy and disaster recovery. All backups are secure and encrypted.

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The Arcus Disaster Recovery Platform provides a reliable solution for disaster protection and recovery of your enterprise data. For more information the Arcus platform, contact Alura Business Solutions today.


It’s important to protect your critical data. Cirrus offers flexible, cloud-based data sharing and backup solutions for small to midsize businesses. Back up your data to Alura’s secure cloud and gain access to your data from a web interface or your mobile device.

Alura will help you customize Cirrus for your business and provide support with monitoring and reviewing data to ensure backups and security.


Your business needs reliable email and communication services. The cloud-based Microsoft Exchange platform offers an array of features and benefits that can be customized to fit your organization. Office 365 offers a secure infrastructure for your email exchanges.


As a healthcare professional, law firm, or any other organization that handles Personal Health Information, keeping your data safe is becoming more important than ever before.

With data breaches and HIPAA violations making headlines day-after-day, the burden to protect patient data has never been more pressing.

You already trust us to handle your cyber-security. Now, let us help with your HIPAA compliance.

Even though HIPAA may seem complicated, we have the solution. Our newest offering gives you an all-in-one web-based platform to address your HIPAA compliance with the help of an expert Compliance Coach to guide you every step of the way.

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Contact Alura for more information about how Alura can help you stay compliant in your industry.


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