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About Us

Find out more about what we do and how we can help you!

Why Alura?

Our technological expertise and extensive experience allow us to work with virtually any system, enabling you to meet your specific goals and objectives–no matter how complex they may be. We pride ourselves on offering sophisticated solutions that other, smaller IT firms simply cannot offer, outfitting your company with a reliable support system as your needs expand and evolve.


Our managed service contracts are set up to ensure managed support no matter what time–day or night. These solutions include multiple points of contact in addition to our Tier 1 help desk support.


We offer a wide range of on-site technical service solutions that are designed to meet each client’s individual needs. These can range from Project Management to Deployment Services for small to large enterprises.


Our expertise is your ally. A “Managed Solution” provides a turnkey approach to your technology and application implementations. Alura is a proven resource for getting your deployment done the first time–without the cost of down time or rollbacks.

More Info

Alura Business Solutions – Success Is Our Product

Alura Business Solutions is passionate about supplying cutting-edge and top-notch IT services to businesses in the small to medium size range. In fact, this was our original business model and we still market this exclusively and efficiently.

Since our official founding in 2005, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and one thing we’ve discovered is that smaller companies are just as complex, involved and intertwined with information technology as large corporations. The difference is in the pure existence, or quality of their technology infrastructure and Departments, which rarely perform at the same level of a large corporation. Our primary business solution at Alura comprehensively covers this dilemma. And top it off with superior customer service…

Typically, tensions rise over differing opinions on the importance of IT services. Some businesses give it low priority, viewing it as “secondary” or “ancillary”. Oftentimes these same businesses work on their IT issues in their spare time, or they leverage their IT needs out to small “one-man shops” that leave them with temporary fixes and patchwork maintenance. Attitudes like these result in inefficient or completely malfunctioning information management systems with poor safeguards and sometimes even a complete disregard for their system’s strategic potential. Alura Business Solutions exists to avoid this fatal flaw within any small to medium size organization.

What We Learned

We’ve found that a majority of businesses in the small to large category don’t even know that comprehensive, customized and knowledgeable IT and Technology Solutions are readily and affordably available for them. Likewise, when they find this out, their entire outlook changes. Sometimes, they even change business models. Our team meets regularly with company management personally, in order to co-review their current situation, assessing their technological assets, needs and objectives as a business – not just providing IT support. Once we know you and your business, we formulate contoured business solutions specific to your business. We will do all in our power to create a system where your current technology is maintained efficiently and effectively.

We at Alura pride ourselves in being consultants. Because we’re consultants, however, our quality as a business is directly measured by how efficiently and effectively our clients achieve their specific and often complicated objectives. Fortunately, Alura regularly establishes and maintains ongoing client relationships, providing continued improvement at affordable rates, with an impressive retention rate of over 99%.

We’re versatile, current and educated. This means that regardless of whatever system or technology we’re faced with, we persevere. Alura carefully creates customized solutions for each business to strategically achieve their specific goals and objectives. Smaller IT firms are unable to offer the level of caring depth and support that we do; don’t be afraid to rely on Alura, we’re here to help you expand, evolve and profit.

How Can Alura Achieve Your Goals?

Alura Business Solutions operates on our “3S” philosophy in order to efficiently serve each of our clients. The 3S model consists of Support, Services and Solutions. Each of these 3 elements is intertwined within each other—without one of them fully functioning, the entire model would not work.

We don’t have a particular product or service at Alura—we are an IT consulting firm and our product is the success of our clients, complemented by various services that we use to help our clients achieve success. We strongly believe this as we measure our own worth and capacity on how effectively we serve our client family.

We know every business is unique with specific and specialized needs, and we address these challenges with experience and thorough strategizing. Our clients can choose to utilize our services for a single project, or they can entrust us with an ongoing relationship in order to focus on all their managed IT requirements.

We offer as many services as clients have needs. We possess a wide variety of IT solutions including comprehensive ongoing service, system maintenance, outsourcing, remote networking, remote network maintenance, remote security and firewall implementation. Many of these services we provide are not offered by your normal IT consultants. Whatever your requirements are for an end result, we will fully accommodate you throughout the designing, upgrading and implementation process.

Our business solutions are uniquely Alura, custom-tailored and contoured to meet the specific and specialized necessities of your business. Check out these few examples of exactly what to expect from Alura when you need IT-related business solutions.

For Your Technological Solutions

  •  Professional Networking Services
  •  Remote and On Site Support
  •  Security Services
  •  Software Integration and Installation
  •  Technological Training
  •  Infrastructure Integration

Network Service Management

  • Monitored Network Services
  • Detailed Management of Company E-mail.

Product Offering and Implementation

  • Desktops, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets
  • Servers (small business to enterprise class)
  • Software procurement
  • Networking Hardware procurement

Other Related Customer Services

  • Line of Business Software Integration
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Business Continuity (In the Event of a Disaster)
  • Detailed Planning on Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Backup Executed Off-Site
  • Regulatory Compliance Consultation
  • E-Mail Archiving and Encryption
  • Mobility Device Management
  • Managed Security Services
  • Managed Anti-Virus Services
  • Website Hosting
  • A Wide Variety of Customized and Specialized Solutions for You.

Alura Business Solutions: Our Identity

In 2002, Alura CEO Jason Derstine had a vision of creating high-quality and customized IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania area and surrounding regions. Since that vision came to fruition in 2005, Derstine’s organization has helped hundreds of businesses with designing, integrating, maintaining and upgrading a vast array of IT systems.

The result of Alura Business Solutions’ commitment to efficient and effective managed IT services is a wide variety of advantages. Some of these advantages involve enhanced security, increased productivity across the board and exceptional operational reliability.

We treat each client’s mission seriously, carefully delivering on our commitments responsively and with great consistency. Alura’s team is results-driven, meaning we set objectives, metrics and success expectations and then closely adhere to them.

Since 2005, we’ve quickly evolved into a world that regards operational information and all the related systems with the highest regard. Security of these systems is integral towards running a successful business, whether you are protecting systems and information from fire and physical damage, or from modern day menaces like viruses, malware and hackers. Alura prides itself on giving smaller businesses the capacity to manage their information technologies including confidential information with the same level of quality as a Fortune 100 organization. We apply cutting-edge modern technology to deliver advanced and affordable information technology management to our clients. All of this combines to create peace of mind for business owners and department heads, which has no price tag.

We’re not a huge corporation; we’re small enough to deliver directed and intimate customer service to each client. However, we’re large enough for large businesses to delegate their most important information technology requirements to our dedicated team of specialists. We offer a wide variety of convenient services like 24-hour service, risk consultation, security services, monitoring and managed IT services including remote data backup, network monitoring and secure mail solutions including threat protection.

We’re more than just business solutions to our clients. Alura represents a trusted branch of their business, offering solutions that can only increase productivity and ease of operation. Call us today!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide trusted IT managed services to small businesses in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys. We are proactive in long-term planning to ensure our customer’s technology and business operations run smoothly and reliably. As an industry leader, we exceed standard industry response times.

Our extremely knowledgeable, dedicated team delivers exceptional customer service. We provide customers with a sense of security and peace of mind, allowing them to focus on running their business. We value our customers, vendors and employees while achieving a reasonable return, success and recognition within the community.

Preventative Maintenance: Alura Prepares You for the Future

If there’s one thing to be sure of in Information Technology arena, it’s that the industry is completely dynamic—change is the only constant. We at Alura love to reminisce on the last decade of customer satisfaction, growth and our trove of return clientele. However, we stay focused on creating a better future; both for us and our clients.

We are devoted to becoming the premier provider of IT and technology solutions in the Greater Delaware and Lehigh Valley region, focused on effectively serving mid to large-sized businesses. In order to achieve this goal Alura has brought on new personnel and instituted extra training to create a broad range of expertise within our team. We’re fully committed to pursuing the “3S” approach with all of our clients that has brought us success. Alura employs “hands-on” approaches with our clients, making sure that we are closely involved with their business, instead of being a whisper in the background of their company.

What Alura Gives Our Client Family

We pledge to provide Fortune-100 caliber managed IT services in the Greater Delaware and Lehigh Valley regions. We at Alura offer these services at an affordable investment attached to our consultation and implementation process. We are tested, trusted and reliable. Contact us today; we’re able to help you achieve your specific business goals and objectives with efficiency and peace of mind using our 3S business model and a strong, proven system. Alura will surely bring a lot to the table, including:

  1. Modern, relevant technology – Our staff is not only trained in the latest and greatest technology, with thorough education in all of their applications, but constantly evaluating new technologies and ways to efficiently manage our customer’s technology systems.
  2. Responsive, calculated customer service – In an industry famous for “hands off” support, Alura will provide our own high touch, “hands on” style of customer service. Our customer service is award-winning. We have a high retention rate with our client family and we guarantee competitive response times.
  3. Customized Solutions – Every client receives a contoured, customized service that is never drawn from a template or some other cookie-cutter business plan.
  4. Confidence and Reliable Security – We fully understand that businesses handle private personal information. We take every precaution to ensure that this information is kept under lock and key except for authorized personnel.
  5. Innovative Services – We follow instructions carefully at Alura. However, don’t confuse us with “order-takers”. We will creatively present you with cost-effective, efficient and insightful strategies that will improve your IT performance and increase your businesses’ capacity and potential.
  6. Peace of Mind – Our services have been proven over a decade, through hundreds of satisfied clients. We’ve steadily grown over the course of several years. We’ve been named in the “Philly 100” awards as one of the fastest-growing companies. We have a high-performance managed IT team on our side, complete with full education and dedication to the profession, allowing our clients to place their focus elsewhere; a priceless advantage.


Alura Business Solutions is searching for talented professionals to facilitate our continuous growth in the Information Technology Marketplace. We currently seek candidates to fill the available positions listed below.

If you feel your qualifications are a match for any these available positions, please follow the application instructions contained in the contact section for each posting.

If you would like to submit your resume or have questions regarding these positions, please email us your resume at:


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