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3 Reasons Why CPA Firms Should Start Using 2-Factor Authentication Right No

April 27, 2020

Digital security is an ever-changing and complex business. Businesses that deal with private information need more protection than ever.
CPA firms are a major potential target for identity theft. Security structures like multi factor authentication can be a potent wall between your information and security disaster.
We'll dig deeper into multi factor authentication examples and what they can do to make you safer.

Multi Factor Authentication Examples

The structure of multi factor authentication centers around a single access point that requires several layers of identification. What layers you use, how you use them, and when can shift as need be.
The common factors in multi factor authentication are passwords, personalized questions, fingerprint, voice recognition, and even access from particular locations.
Not all of these factors are the same. Fingerprint and voice recognition are two items that the usual hacker will have trouble replicating. Location access is the strongest but can hamper remote work, which is growing in many industries.

3 Reasons to Change

Convincing someone they need security isn't hard. The issue comes down to what kind of security and why. There are a lot of options out there and none of them are free.
Let's break down the 3 big reasons you should consider a shift into multi factor authentication right now.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication Provides One Streamlined Access

Digital security is a complex issue and a lot of that complexity comes from too many variables at any one time. To get the most impact from your security system, you need a streamlined core to keep the number of variables down.
Multi factor authentication gives one entrance to your system with multiple layers of structure to it. This allows security to monitor less and catch more issues even with many remote workers.

2. Firewalls and Virus Protection Are Not Enough

Firewalls and virus protection was the foundation of digital security for a long while. Those days are long over and companies need to move onto stronger and more structured security.
The good news is that multi factor authentication can work with other forms of security like firewalls and virus protection. Multi factor authentication provides the access framework for the rest of your security to function.

3. Multi Factor Authentication Can Adapt to Constant Changes

The issues bombarding digital security shift and change every day. Viruses adapt and ways to bypass security receive tweaks by the week. Multi factor authentication builds a foundation that can alter its protection as things change.
If your IT security solutions remain disjointed, then the front door is wide open to all sorts of potential attacks. With a strong foundation, though, the walls remain strong as the adaptations to counter the new issues develop behind them.
Business Solutions for a More Protected Future

These multi factor authentication examples and reasons make for a prime case on why you need these kinds of measures more than ever. Identify theft is far too impactful to ignore.
You are in luck! We here at Alura Business Solution offer these security examples and many other powerful systems to help your business remain safe, secure, and successful. If you need help with any of our initiatives, contact our help center today.

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