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Alura Business Solutions Featured in CIO Review Magazine

April 3, 2015

We’ve been hard at work here at Alura Business Solutions – Our “3S” Principle of Service, Support and Solutions is the core foundation on which we’ve grown and improved consistently since our founding. As a result, we’ve been featured as “Company of the Month” in CIO Review Magazine—one of the top technology and information systems publications nationwide.

Jason Derstine, our CEO and President gave some insight towards our success. “While we enjoy a laid back corporate culture, we also exceed in maintaining a ‘family’ feel with our clients.” Each client of Alura shares a kindred spirit with us.

Fortune-100 level Managed IT Services can be extremely difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to acquire. Unless the business is earning a serious amount of capital every year, funding a Fortune-100 level IT infrastructure can prove to be quite the daunting task. That’s where Alura Business Solutions comes into play—our Virtual Chief Information-Systems Officer (VirtualCIO) program exists to bring Fortune-100 level IT services to businesses at affordable rates, without the huge investments in onsite technology, software and extra staff.

There are many benefits that can be gained from bringing this service to your business, regardless of the size. We were founded on Jason Derstine’s core “3S Principle” of Service,Support and Solutions, and this is just what landed us in CIO Review Magazine: Service and Solutions with comprehensive Support, at affordable rates.

We’re constantly growing and obtaining the latest and greatest technology to serve our clientele. Derstine tells CIO Review, “We have made heavy investments in new technology to support multiple environments.” We will continue to grow, and there is a plethora of benefits available to our clientele throughout the East Coast.

World-Class Monitoring

Monitoring an entire business can take a lot of manpower and an extremely keen eye. Now, companies can leave all the analysis and observation to Alura Business Solutions. We can delegate as much of the monitoring process as you want. Regardless of the type of business, Alura’s comprehensive monitoring systems, including NetAlert and NetAudit, are designed to monitor and report issues and concerns within a business without the need for hiring huge IT departments.

There are many things included in our monitoring services that you will have a difficult time finding anywhere else. Many of the features we’re listing today are part of our comprehensive monitoring features. These services put us on the map, and are going to keep us there for a very long time.

Customized Alerts and Notifications

CIO Review credits our efforts saying, “Alura is tireless innovating at their R&D lab to deal with hundreds of customers in a more unique manner.”  We are always developing new custom solutions for our clientele, and this becomes quite apparent when you look at our customized solutions in alerts and notifications.

We have many devices and software offerings that allow us to fully and accurately report data back to our clients. Through NetAlert, we fully monitor the internet activity related to your business on every computer, laptop and browser-driven device. When a problem arises, whether it’s a virus, a crashed device or an unauthorized access, we will direct an alert not only to our Network Administrators, but also to individuals of your choosing.

Through NetAudit, we help every client in the financial and healthcare industries comply with the strict standards set by HIPAA, FINRA and more. If something starts to slip and we think compliance may not be achieved, we will not just alert you—we’ll provide a solution to your problem as well; that’s what we’re here for.

If you have any questions about the devices we can implement into your IT environment to help monitor your system, let us know. We have several different methods of monitoring and tracking devices and activity.

Mobility Management

Mobile devices—many businesses have a love-hate relationship with them, and it’s no wonder. Each mobile device has the potential to do great or extremely scary things to a business. While they do provide heightened mobility and convenience, they also present dangers to companies. Smart phones are still relatively new technology and are still prone to the many dangers of the internet, including phishing, viruses, spyware and more.

Through Alura Business Solutions Mobile Device Management, your company can rest easy. If someone in your organization is misusing a device, both you and our Network Administrators can find out. We also help with backing up all that data in case a device is lost, including contact information and even personal and billing information. If a device is lost or stolen, we have the expertise to make sure that device is flagged, locked and effectively turned into a liability for a would-be thief.

Alura’s OpenDNS Security Umbrella

This is a relatively new feature we are offering to all of our clientele. Our OpenDNS Security Umbrella provides a powerful layer of defense from the onslaught of the internet. Domain Name Service or “DNS” is the way that the internet correlates a website with the corresponding IP address.

Through a deep understanding of the DNS system, Alura’s OpenDNS services offer comprehensive screening and alerts. The service protects mobile devices, as well as computers, e-mail accounts, smart phones, vehicles, billing accounts, contact information and much more. When a virus is encountered through the internet or a malicious e-mail, the problem is found, prevented and quarantined. On top of all of this, Alura’s team of experts is constantly developing the OpenDNS Security Umbrella in real-time, so new threats are being discovered and destroyed every day—yet another feature of our Fortune-100 VirtualCIO services.

What Goes to the Cloud, Stays There

When you set something up for backup, believe that it will be backed up safely and effectively, and it will be there as long as you want. Through our VMWare and server imaging services, we create by-the-day backups of your servers, workstations and mobile devices, so that regardless of what befalls them, you’ll always have the data.

Hard drives can crash and burn out of nowhere. “Scoring” is the greatest denizen and leading cause of hard drive death. It happens when a hard drive loses its steady “spin” and starts to hit the interior of the device, causing scratching in the disk itself. Once this happens, the hard drive is done for, and it’s really hard to predict when this might happen. So, make sure your organization is making full use of the cloud.

CIO Review Also Recognizes Alura’s Disaster Recovery Solutions

As CIO Review Magazine put it, “Disaster Recovery is one of the key services offered by Alura, which gives enterprises the necessary confidence to mitigate any potential business disruption.” In a nutshell, this means we’ll be there for you in a pinch, guaranteed.

Disasters can happen any day of the week, and they don’t have to be large scale, like Hurricane Katrina or a magnitude 8.5 earthquake. Sometimes, a disaster could be as simple as you spilling your Caramel Macchiato on your trusty old laptop, cooking it well-done.  Maybe a disgruntled employee or your ex decided to get even with you by kicking your server. They might not make national news, but they are still disasters for your business.

With our complete and comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity services, we guarantee that your business won’t skip a beat, whether you drop your laptop, or your building floods and gets struck by lightning. Your company’s most important big data will be stored safely in our data centers, ready to be re-installed on your system when you need it, and you don’t have to worry about a pause in business due to data loss or anything else.

That being said, it’s no wonder that companies all over Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and the East Coast are coming to Alura Business Solutions for our Fortune-100 level VirtualCIO services. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today by phone at 844.558.7200 or through e-mail at

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