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Alura Protects Against Almost A Million Threats a Day

April 27, 2015

It sounds like a made up number or exaggeration. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, and the internet is more unsafe than ever, especially from a business standpoint. Recently, CNN Money worked with Symantec and Verizon to report on the current state of cyber crime threats worldwide, and the results were a bit concerning, to say the least.

Symantec’s studies revealed that in the year of 2014, malware developers and hackers put more than 317 million new pieces of malware on the internet—that’s almost a million a day, and that’s how Alura is protecting you. Our Enterprise Security Umbrella, along with our cloud anti-virus services, create an up-to-date database that is constantly updated and further developed with the newest threats and potential solutions. With these services, we at Alura protect our clients against almost a million threats a day.

Symantec and CNN also revealed that in “nearly 90% of cases,” the malware that was developed was taking advantage of glitches and bugs that have been around since at least 2002. Something that old will be in our database as a known threat. We do this fully keeping in mind that these threats are going to evolve and get more dangerous.

When companies don’t get around to fixing bugs, or they don’t believe that it’s important to update their computers and software, hackers strike by taking advantage of that outdated software and the unfixed glitches. They also mention that one of the most popular glitches to exploit was found on corporate PCs as far back as 1999- with over 15 years to fix these problems, companies don’t have an excuse these days.

Verizon Security Data Scientist, Bob Rudis, gave his thoughts on this state of affairs by stating that “…organizations care more about making widgets.” Rudis continued, “They just don’t have the manpower or time.” When companies have no time to fix and update their computer systems, it’s important that they find an organization that does—or they may pay the price for neglect of their systems.

Symantec also talked about how even big businesses are at risk from cyber-crime and hacking. In 2014, Symantec recorded that five out of six large businesses were targeted by cyber-criminals, which was up 40% from 2013. According to Symantec, the mining industry was heavily targeted. There’s no price tag on corporate safety—keeping your clients’ and employees’ personal information confidential is priceless, and failure to do so will mean having to earn back their trust—something that is never easy to bear.

Samir Kapuria, a Symantec executive talking to CNN Money, recalled one cyber-crime case where hackers cracked an energy company’s network and stole one of their draft reports detailing the discovery of a potential spot to drill for an energy source. The hackers then proceeded to take this top-secret information and sell it on the black market. Unfortunately, Kapuria declined to disclose the name of the business in question, but this is a perfect example of the unconventional ways that hackers attack and threaten modern businesses.

Alura’s Enterprise Security Umbrella, along with our cloud anti-virus services, protect a wide variety of technology. This includes servers, computers and laptops, as well as just about any mobile device conceivable. Remember that these threats are being perfected every day and they go out in the hundreds of thousands—if there’s something to exploit, hackers are developing thousands of malware programs to try and take advantage of it. In fact, in a study conducted by Verizon, they estimated that when hackers release a “wave of malware laced spam e-mails,” someone targeted is fooled within 82 seconds of distribution.

There are many things for which you should be wary. The first is the new trend of digital extortion, dubbed “ransomware,” by victims and technological experts. This malware encrypts data against the user’s will and then holds it for ransom, usually asking a price of $300-$500 to decrypt the files. Hackers are also taking advantage of more sophisticated and creative ways to infect companies by posing as staff or sub-contractors, or even by hiding their files in an update file, making the user essentially infect themselves. Other hackers are taking advantage of new trends in social media like embedded “like” buttons to expose people to their malware and get it installed on their systems.

Each of these problems is unique and requires a different plan of action. Fortunately, with Alura Business Solutions on your side, these threats will be no match for your system. We have everything it takes to build comprehensive, secure technological infrastructures rivaling the most advanced and successful businesses. Talk to us today about our Enterprise Security Umbrella and our comprehensive cloud-based anti-virus capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us today by phone at 844.558.7200 or by email at Protect your business and you’re protecting yourself, your family, your employees and their families, and all of your clientele—it’s extremely important.

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