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Cloud Services

We Make it Easy to Start Moving to the Cloud

In IT terms, “cloud” services refer to off-site infrastructure used to remotely store data, provide compute power, operate systems and diagnose points of failure in a secure and reliable environment. Being a relatively new field, Alura is well-prepared to bring you into the nextgeneration. With thousands of Cloud providers, Alura carefully selects only the most reliable and secure solutions so those elements are not sacrificed. We have a comprehensive and complete understanding of cloud services utilizing a plethora of technology of different brands and levels.

Cloud services have become indispensible in the modern economy. Having efficient office operations – whether that entails cloud backups of all of your data, or storing your entire environment in the Cloud, can save your business after an unfortunate event. Disaster recovery and protection along with preventative maintenance are valuable investments for any small to medium business.

Please Don’t Be a Statistic

Recently, the US National Archives & Records Administration released a statistic revealing that 93% of companies that lose access to their data for 10 days or more (due to disaster, employee error, etc.) file for bankruptcy within one year, and 50% of those businesses filed for bankruptcy immediately. This is just a statistic and we are not trying to sell cloud services through fear. However, through risk assessment it’s plain to see that having a backup plan in case of something going wrong is integral in this day and age, where almost everything is stored digitally.

We offer a wide variety of powerful services to our clients for the growing business trend of cloud computing.

CloudOne® VDC/VDI

Alura provides advanced private cloud solutions including extensive production involving our CloudOne® infrastructure and services. Our CloudOne® services bring small to medium businesses to the next generation and help them to compete with large corporations, where business never ceases, even during the worst disasters.

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Virtual Data Center

Alura will walk you through the cloud integration process step by step. Our integrated CloudOne® virtual data center services will provide you with an interactive experience where we can manage your environment from our state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC). Alura’s integrated agnostic cloud data center services work with a wide variety of devices and operating systems, as well as can easily tie into existing premise environments.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We at Alura have spent years perfecting our take on the client/server computing model. The result of this planning manifests itself in our collaborations with Cloud One® providing comprehensive VDI services for all of our clients.

Our vast expertise on virtual integration of workstations and server infrastructure provide seamless disaster protection and ease of access for many of our clients. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is a great way for businesses to escape from the tedious process of maintaining “tethered” PC’s. Our VDI services give you access to a “virtual workspace” that can be accessed from anywhere. Say goodbye to constantly purchasing and upgrading new machines and components. Alura will also conveniently handle support and upgrades for your systems.

Our VDI services are encompassed by our “3S” approach: Support, Service, Solutions. We will provide comprehensive support and answers for any of the numerous questions that will arise during the cloud integration process. Contact us today for more information on our CloudOne® related office backup and data infrastructure offerings.


Alura provides top quality Core Filtering and protection through our inclusive MXShield services. MXShield conveniently encompasses several aspects of e-mail communication and acts as an all-in-one cleaner, archiver and encryption provider for every e-mail obstacle you will encounter during your business’ journey.

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Our MXShield services offer convenience in a vast array of areas involving your communications frameworks, especially e-mail. Alura’s MXShield will help you with anything involving Spam Blocking and Control, Virus and Worm Scanning, fraud protection and content/attachment filtering. But, that’s not all.

MXShield will also monitor outbound e-mails to ensure proper delivery and to maintain corporate integrity, and also provides comprehensive E-mail attack protection that is constantly being updated to stay in tune with the times.

We will also ensure an extra layer of security and management by letting you control filtering policies and also allowing you to control your e-mail spooling. MXShield will also operate as a built-in disaster recovery layer, with custom-built fail-safes specific for your business. Alura will also assist you with archived e-mails and consumer information.

These services are multi-purpose. One service is proper, certified archiving that will bring businesses to any form of regulatory compliance. Additionally, our services can provide enhanced control and monitoring of e-mail for business owners and management. Finally, our encryption is world-class, and respected by organizations verifying regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, SOX, ISO and more. 



Alura provides state-of-the-art remote cloud backup through our collaboration with our own Cirrus technologies. With Cirrus you won’t have to think twice about your backups and data. We will back up and categorize all your business’ different data types, including files, folders, server images (physical, VMWare, Citrix and Hyper-V) and all the data you may have integrated into Exchange, SQL and System State.

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We can even backup all or some of your critical workstations and other devices. In Alura’s CloudOne® or another Cloud, knowing that your cloud environment is backed up to another Cloud is just as important as a Premise environment having an enterprise level backup system like Cirrus.

Expect that when you utilize Alura for any business solution involving Cirrus that we will deliver a quick start and a fast setup, even if you have a large amount of data requiring backup initially. We will also schedule automatic or continuous backups that don’t interfere with your business operations. After this, we pledge to manage local and off-site backups with robust and flexible off-site and local archiving to provide peace of mind as well as efficient recovery should disaster strike

Our “3S” system of Support, Service and Solutions is active more than ever with our Cirrus cloud computing services. We offer solutions to all your cloud computing needs, including military grade SSL data transmission and 256-bit AES data encryption that will protect your data locally and through our multiple geographically diverse data centers. We will offer support with multiple devices and offices. We also offer multiple revisions, extensive reporting and in-depth notifications. All of this encompasses our service and care for you, our client.


Alura Business Solutions’ comprehensive knowledge of software and infrastructure engineering has given birth to our Arcus storage and backup solutions. With this innovative service we have created cutting-edge adaptive infrastructures for our clients.

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These infrastructures provide flexible and adaptable disaster recovery with extensive backup image archiving as well as complete data portability for servers and desktops, as well as managed data in case a rollback is needed, as well as expedited data replication. Rest assured that Arcus is agnostic to all underlying platforms and technology, meaning that it doesn’t matter what you use in terms of data storage, hypervisors, or operating systems. Arcus and Alura will work with you and give you peace of mind.

Our development of Arcus is another example of our devotion to our “3S” system of support, service and solutions. We will use Arcus and everything else at our disposal to ensure that you get the same streamlined IT department experience of a Fortune 100 organization, regardless of your magnitude or sphere of influence. Arcus is our highest level of protection, through backup and efficient disaster recovery protocol and services.

Our Cirrus services are great, but are also complemented by Arcus by offering even extra levels of protection for clientele desiring quicker recovery times and ease of access in the unfortunate event of a disaster. For clients whose business is never ceasing and can’t wait for the inconvenience of an obstacle, Arcus is the way to go.


Cloud Firewall 

For organizations looking for multiple site management of internet or private connectivity, Alura will not only provide you with multiple cloud-based firewall solutions, we offer the appliances at the lowest rate possible. We can work with existing appliances or recommend specific vendor solutions based on your needs.

Our cloud firewall services allow our network administrators and support professionals to monitor your business from our network operations center (NOC). Through this monitoring we provide comprehensive firmware updates, with proactive updates through alerts and proactive customer outreach.

Alura’s support team will also work with you to create an individualized service that is contoured to your budget and needs as a business. It’s integral that multi-site connections and networking receive monitoring and support. Depending on your needs, we can do everything from security updates, to monthly monitoring and maintenance services, to installations. With Alura Business Solutions, your connectivity is our highest concern. Expect that in any situation where connectivity is either at risk or compromised, our team will react quickly, properly and effectively.

Cloud WiFi

We provide advanced and comprehensive Cloud WiFi services through an extensive line of Managed Cloud WiFi products and services. Our services can easily help your company whether you have one employee, or over 200.

Alura’s specialists will consult with you on the appropriate appliances, based on the demand that will be placed upon them. For larger environments we will perform site surveys to ensure that you have adequate WiFi coverage.

Our optional monthly monitoring plans range from basic to enhanced levels of service, support and solutions. We provide basic and enhanced monitoring, including device maintenance, access point availability, and synopses of your bandwidth utilization. We can even develop separate networks based off of your needs for internal, guest, and other access. Because of their cloudbased nature, Alura’s professionals can efficiently drop-ship pre-configured units for your organization, eliminating confusion and downtime. 

Our engineers also will provide updates, role modifications and convenient and informative outreach to you, the client, to keep you up to date on your systems. Our monthly maintenance and monitoring plans are designed for clientele that have specialized and simple to complex wireless networking necessities. Our managed Cloud WiFi will bring you to the level of a Fortune 100 company without needing the huge office building or thousands of employees.

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