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Mobile Device Management

Making MDM/BYOD Easier and More Secure then Ever

Mobile Device Management

As the times evolve, so do the constraints upon businesses of all sizes. In the modern times, to compete with big conglomerates, small to medium sized businesses must work tirelessly. Alura Business Solutions exists to take some of the burden of this task off of the shoulders of our client family.

Every type of business has devices necessary for their operations, whether it’s a portable device used for auditing, a laptop or a tethered PC in an office, each of these mediums have vulnerabilities that every responsible business owner should safeguard.

Now, owners of enterprises need to think about tablets, smartphones, blackberries, kindles, and other browser-driven devices made for their organization. Some even need to be concerned about monitoring company trucks, cars and other vehicles. Some companies may be looking for easier time management solutions for their management teams.

For all of these cases, Alura Business Solutions provides the latest and greatest in mobile device management. We were founded on the core philosophy of “Service, Support and Solutions,” and we never offer a Managed IT Solution that’s outside your budget or beyond your technological capabilities. We pledge that our mobile device management systems are convenient, user friendly, cost effective and personalized to your exact needs.

Support for Different Devices


Our technology is compatible with all versions of Android-driven devices, from smartphones to tablets from a wide variety of providers and developers. We’re also fully proficient with the many apps that are commonplace within Android devices.


We have comprehensive services for businesses using Apple devices as well. We gladly monitor, maintain and safeguard both iPhones and iPads as well as many other laptops and mobile devices. We also help users with tethered Apple computers – just ask one of our support experts.



We have our own convenient solution for companies using Blackberry services. For more information on how Alura’s customers benefit from our personalized Blackberry server options, please talk to one of our support staff.


Regardless of the developer, or even if it’s a custom-made machine, Alura Business Solutions can properly maintain and service it through our advanced remote monitoring and device management services.

You Can Bring Your Own Device! (BYOD)

At Alura Business Solutions, we do come into our client’s technological environments and provide the best technology available for them. However, we pride ourselves in creating personalized plans that are developed specifically to the needs of each individual client.

With that being said, we must emphasize that you can bring your own devices! What this means, is that if you don’t want to replace your current technology, or if you can’t afford to, we’ll work around that. We’ll make sure to install and implement the appropriate programs and protocols to ensure that you get the highest-quality mobile device management for devices of any manufacturer, brand, or model.

Support Across Multiple OS

We have the necessary knowledge, experience and technique to support a wide variety of devices. Alura Business Solutions’ support staff and network administrators are comfortable dealing with Operating Systems from Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Sun Microsystems, NetApp and more.

We also have extensive experience servicing, monitoring, troubleshooting and restoring devices that use older or outdated operating systems. Even though we have solutions for our client family using older systems, we like to offer our client family newer solutions to their issues and will always try to promote technology that is up-to-date.


Mobile Device Support

Alura Business Solutions has a team of dedicated support and network administration specialists dedicated to assisting you with managing your mobile device array. We have extensive certification, education and industry experience guaranteeing your job gets done to your specifications.

Our service is available 24.7.365, giving your business mobile device management and support equivalent to that of a Fortune-100 company. We also offer this service worldwide, so that if you’re working at home or making an important presentation overseas, you know that you can rely on your device and Alura to deliver.

This is all part of the Service, Support and Solutions philosophy we stand by wholeheartedly.

Comprehensive Assistance With Compliance

Not only will businesses find our mobile device management and monitoring both thorough and reliable; they may also find that our backup storage and automated diagnostic services can assist with achieving compliance.

With the advent of HIPAA and HITECH, protecting your customers’ personal health records and billing information is more important than ever. Without proper compliance to these federal regulations, businesses are not permitted to digitally store health records or billing information. If company’s managing this kind of information are found to be non-compliant, they face heavy fines.

FINRA and other financial information acts have been created to assure investors and buyers that their information is safe with large companies. Confirm and bolster the trust of your client base by properly protecting their billing and personal information. They will thank you in the long run, and that has no price tag.

Diversely Compatible Hosted Services

Alura Business Solution also offers a variety of hosted software services to mobile device users. Not only this, these systems can be fully monitored by both company management and Alura’s administrators. This is just one other way our mobile device management protects businesses every day.

Office 365– We offer the newest in Microsoft’s subscription-based Microsoft Office software. This is a flexible plan that offers different services based on the client’s needs. Whether you need e-mail services and conferencing, document development, PowerPoint creation or spreadsheets, Office 365 has you covered.

Hosted Exchange– We offer our own value-added versions of Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013, depending on the needs of our client. This provides all of the features of Microsoft Exchange while working to take some burden off the processors of your computers. Your hosted Exchange also benefits from our top-notch mobile device management.


Theft and Damage Protection

One of the most common errors to befall company-owned mobile devices is from the user themselves. Perhaps the device was dropped in a puddle or worse, the toilet. Sometimes devices get crushed, and sometimes they overheat or just get old. When these things befall your devices, don’t fret or regret; Alura business Solutions’ Mobile Device Management backs up your devices regularly so that if they bite the dust, your data doesn’t have to—we save e-mails, contact information, photographs, messaging and more.

We can offer the latest and greatest in device encryption, rotating passwords and access keys as well. Theft happens, maybe rarely, but it does. If an important device is stolen, or possibly borrowed without asking, the device will not only be locked out, but traced to it’s location.

Through Alura Business Solutions, any thief getting their hands on your business’ devices will fail to access any personal information whatsoever, and also risk having their location tracked, depending on the device.

Data Security and Protection

Through our advanced protection services, our mobile device management gets yet another layer of convenience. There’s no shortage of malware, spyware, adware, freeware, “Trojan” horses, and other malicious software. Now there’s even a new threat being called “ransomware.”

Ransomware sneaks its way into businesses through file attachments and unsecure websites. It encrypts files against the users will and then requires them to purchase a key to “save” their data and unencrypt it—potentially costing in the thousands. Not something anyone wants to happen to their business.

With our up-to-date security network, we can potentially monitor thousands, even millions of processes a day of all kinds. We also have fresh and regularly updated databases of all of the latest and most dangerous viruses and scams as well as old ones.

Alura’s Mobile Device Management is the cost-efficient choice for small to medium businesses.


We will monitor your data from the inside and out. Nothing gets in that you don’t want, or that we know is in your best interests to quarantine and destroy. Ask one of our support team for more information on our Enterprise Umbrella at 844.588.7200

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